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Howard Tinker has worked with thousands of restaurateurs over the last 12 years .  Dan McKinnon and Mandy Cameron of Cottage Point Inn have been clients of his for eight of them.  Together they have created an easy to follow formula that will increase the amount your diners spend.  Getting maximum spend was essential at Cottage Point Inn and this book is exactly how Mandy and Dan did it while still delighting their "A- List" Guests.
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Please Note this is an Australian product and is priced in AU$: We cannot control international exchange rates but right now as I type this $29.95 equates to US$23.  However if you get it for less Yay!  If you paid a little more do not worry, if you put into practice what I wrote in the book you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.  Good luck with it - it works!  By the way because you bought this from our website I will automatically send you some extra tips and tricks too - just as a way of saying thank you.  Howard